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Saturday, 27 February 2016
Speechless 08:01

I thought it's all cool and okay.

Until I broke down and started crying alone late at night. 


I've got you now... Sorry that I'm late, for 2 years, 2 months and 25 days

By Blogger Andrew Goh, at 23 May 2018 at 09:24  

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Sunday, 22 November 2015
My Skirts Journey 19:13

Hi guys! Back to blogging now but this time, with a positive vibe ! Today I'm going to talk about the different styles of wearing a skirt.

As far as I remember, I didn't like wearing skirts during my teenage years. The last memory of myself wearing skirts would be in secondary school, where I wear my baju kurung everyday and have the privilege of leaving my legs wide open wtf because the skirt's so long.

The only photo I could find with me wearing baju kurung with full length (almost)

Then, college came by and I was pretty much wearing the same pair of jeans (wtf) and top to classes everyday. The thought of wearing a skirt is too much hassle as I would have to keep my legs closed all the time as nobody likes the idea of looking at a fat girl's underwear.

Typical day at college.

Then one day, the importance of beauty suddenly hit me as reality strikes. I went to a dentist for braces, went on a diet and was addicted to the use of double eyelid tapes.

With so many skirt designs in the market, here's a few different styles of wearing skirts which I found to suit me.

1. Basic Tee + Skirt


My favourite style of all because it's effortless and chic. You can experiment with the plain or printed designs of your outfit but personally, I prefer a skirt with plain colours as it put less attention to the lower part of the body as I have a heavier bottom. Usually, I like to have them skirts pulled up to my waist to look taller.

2.Shirt + Skirt

By pairing a simple peplum/pencil skirt with a plain button down shirt, you would make a good impression at work or simply at an interview! Complete the look with a simple kitten heels, which would allow you to stand whole day without complaining and add a bag/scarf for the ultimate look.

3. Tank Top / Crop Top + Skirts

Another favourite of mine as it tends to give an impression that you have longer legs and for skinny girls, a plus point for their slender waistlines !

And that's my skirt journey. How do you style your skirts?

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Sunday, 20 September 2015
Feeling shitty. 09:20

I thought we had something special between us, unspoken.
Wish it's a mutual feeling but it looks like not to you. 


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Saturday, 22 August 2015
Things we did that I'll miss. 10:06

1. Sitting next to the bed, plucking his leg hair.
2. Sharing a magnum ice-cream, which I'll try to avoid the chocolate part.
3. Going after the last Coca-Cola bottle shaped Haribo.
4. Halving bell peppers to find :O faces.
5. Hearing him laugh for unknown reasons next door.
6. Coming home to see him cooking in the kitchen.
7. Watching dramas during dinner time.
8. Randomly bring up funny things we watch in videos, eg. leg of steel, 蛋饼,春卷.
9. Listening to 'A Thousand Miles' and watching him imitate Terry Crews.
10. While I stick my forefinger out to poke his cheek.
11. Drawing ugly animals on Tesco receipts so he can give them to Tesco's cashiers.
12. On his arms and legs as well.
13. Playfully using each others' Tinder app.
14. Lying on his bed on weekends doing nothing.
15. Commenting how ugly the heroes are in Dota, ie. the uglier, the stronger.
16. Stalking friends on facebook and commenting whether they have the 'do already' face.
17. Covering his eyes while he's playing Dota, although he can get furious sometimes.
18. Doing grocery shopping on Sundays and convincing him to get ice-creams.
19. Random songs playing in the background from Spotify, including hill songs. I love Sam Smith's song on playlist.
20. Taking the front seats, front carriage of DLR train to our friend's place and pretending we're on a  roller coaster ride.
21. Sharing what happened during work while cooking dinner in the kitchen.
22. Watching him imitate sausage roll, curry puff, etc on his bed.
23. Laughing at dirty jokes.
24. Hiding his towel before his bath time and watching him look for it high and low.
25. Walking behind him to avoid being blown by the wind.
26. Listening to him skyping his family on Sundays.
27. Talking about our housemate's bad habits.
28. Catching up to his footsteps as he has longer legs.
29. Cheeky Nandos.
30. Annoying him by repeatedly saying "I'm bored, I'm bored."
31. Playing our GOT shame game.
32. Speaking weird foreign languages when he phones me to open the door because he forgot to take his keys.
33. Cursing the kids next door for shouting early in the morning.
34. Stealing his milo every weekend morning and claiming it as mine.
35. Peeled oranges.
36. Pinching his arm and saying he's fat.
37. Tina.
38. Me drooling over Eugene from Buzzfeed.
39. "U never dai before"
40. Contemplating which juice to pick from Tesco, which he ends up choosing instead.
41. Listening to his heavy footsteps as he walks up the stairs.
42. Moving his toes front and back until I hear the "tak" sound.
43. Showing him weird videos I saw on Facebook.
44. Listening to his weird, random thoughts.
45. Doritos, ice-cream, Walkers chips after dinner.
46. Watching him wash the dishes while I defrost meat for tomorrow's dinner.
47. Hugging his pillows while watching shows and eating dinner.
48. "Emetic and Rapist" effect of passports.
49. Being mad at him because he never tells when he's not back for dinner, repeatedly.
50. Giving a final hug on the last day when he left.


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Wednesday, 12 August 2015
Thoughts 16:06

Good morning! It's currently 0230 at Dubai now.

Currently stuck at Dubai airport waiting for my transit flight while listening to Keith Urban's Good Morning Beautiful. This morning was a hassle juggling my 31kg check-in luggage and my 8kg backpack while taking train to Heathrow Airport (including 2 interchanges thank you very much). The genius me threw my backpack on the floor several times before remembering that my laptop is inside as well. So there's a crack at the end of my laptop but luckily it's still functioning T_T This is the only part of moving that I'll never miss.

So I've just completed my one-year pre-registration training in London and since my visa is expiring so I'm forced to fly back to Malaysia before making any further plans. Wonder if I'll get deported back to Malaysia if I arrive at London airport with my expired visa, a free transport back yay! I'm just really grateful that with my minimal salary I was still able to travel abroad to Iceland, Malta and Greece within a year and still manage to to buy my flight tickets home.

Looking back at my training year, it was interesting to experience working in a community pharmacy. Pharmacists aren't just sales person as portrayed in Malaysia, yet are healthcare professionals who actually collaborate with doctors to choose an optimal decision for patients. Pretty sure anyone who has experienced working in UK wouldn't choose to work in a community pharmacy in Malaysia. Genuinely wishing Malaysia's healthcare system would catch up soon enough because I can't afford to be jobless for  the next 30 years T_T

Speaking of which, I'll be jobless for pretty much the next few months. Even the thought of typing this statement makes me sad because I'll be the only jobless one among my friends (other than those who are still studying for their medical/dental course). And everyone thought pharmacy is a good field to enter. Wait until you hear about how fresh graduates have to wait more than 6 months to get a hospital placement in Malaysia. I can't bear to imagine the faces of relatives when they hear of this and how can I handle relatives T_T Of course it also got me thinking if I'm in the right career field. Maybe I should consider furthering my studies but I don't know which field would suit me (thank you teenage hormones which manage to find their way into my body). 

So while being jobless, I was thinking of doing freelance jobs like I used to during university to get by. The only down part is I would have nobody close to work with T_T Every friend I know of would already have a stable job, and weekends would be so precious that nobody would be willing to do freelance jobs (not that I'm complaining, when I was working I just wanted to nua at home during weekends). 

While typing this at the airport, people are constantly walking past me. People watching in the airport is quite interesting. Have you ever heard of the phrase "You hear more sincere prayers in walls of hospitals than churches. You see more sincere tears at airports than at weddings". I can't help but agree with this statement. Sometimes it can be heartbreaking to see loved ones part at airport. I guess 3 years of living abroad really changed my perspectives of life. Guess it's a sign of maturity.

Abrupt end here as the 1-hr complimentary WiFi service is ending soon and I don't wanna fork extra money out for additional uses (kiam siap mode on) and I've been babbling too much. 

Till next time.



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Monday, 10 August 2015
Through my eyes - preregistration year 02:08

A typical weekday, waking up to the sound of alarm.

In contrast to the photo, normally I have to squeeze into the tube and travel for 40 minutes while reading Metro.

Starting the day greeting colleagues, preparing methadone, AAH delivery guys.

Walk-in prescriptions, scheduling, putting in repeat orders.

Lunch time.

More dossette boxes

Cooking for dinner time.

Dinner while watching drama.

Never too full for dessert.

Goodnight world. 



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Saturday, 16 March 2013
Birmingham 2013! 19:15

During our winter break (aka study break), my friends and I decided to go on a short trip nearby. So we decided to explore Birmingham first! We took the morning train and the journey took us probably, 2 hours? Took a cab from the train station to our accommodation and this is what welcomed us at first sight.

The interior of the hostel. So pretty right!
For a low price, we didn't expect the place to be so warm and welcoming.

It was raining outside so we took our own sweet time having our breakfast before heading out to our first destination - canal boat trip! You've never been to Birmingham if you didn't take a canal boat trip.

Fooling around while waiting for the canal trip to start.

Too bad it was raining so we couldn't really see many things.
Just some (really) fat ducks and geese swimming around and some tall buildings at both sides.

The boat trip took about, 30 minutes? Then we walked around the town and visited some museums while waiting for the Christmas market to start.

Random photo of me and a road sign.
And yes, I bring my water bottle around instead of buying from a shop because I'm kiam siap like that.

Ahhh, so pretty!

Didn't manage to take a photo of the whole Bullring Shopping Centre because we were in a rush. 

The bull of Bullring Shopping Centre. 
It's supposedly the signature of Birmingham, so even if raining also must take photo!

And then the Christmas market! They sell everything, from food to clothes to accessories. It's like a pasar malam with Christmas theme.

Took this photo because the table looks so cute!

And behold, the best garlic bread I've ever tried!
It's so crusty outside and has a really heavy garlic smell, topped with salami which I absolutely LOVE.

Happy faces because we finally found a place to sit down and have our dinner.
Walking in the rain for the whole day is no joke.

And this is how you get sauces to put on top of sausages.
It's like squeezing milk from a cow!

On the second day, we woke up early because we were taking the morning train to visit Cadbury World!

Taken while walking over to the chocolate factory.
Such blue sky and cosy houses at both sides. I wanna live in a house like this in the future!

SS moment #1

SS moment #2

SS moment #3

Didn't take any photo of the building because it looks like an ordinary factory. It was quite a fun trip though. There were interactive sessions and videos showing the history of Cadbury (in a fun way). At the end of the tour, we got lots of free chocolate bars as well! I still haven't finished them after so long.

Factory workers demonstrating how chocolate is made.

High heel made of chocolates!
A little crack at the tip though.

Cocoa beans playing around wtf. So cute !

That's all about our Birmingham trip. We had to rush back to our hostel after visiting Cadbury World because we were rushing to catch our train to Oxford next!

Till the next post!


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